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Pam Thomas
Pamela "Pam" Jean Thomas (Maiden Name: Kalbacher) born October 25, 1965 in Tampa, Florida to Ruth Kalbacher and Paul S. Kalbacher, Sr.

Pam has three siblings: Pauline Suter, Penny A. Nicoll and Paul S. Kalbacher, Jr.


Pam grew up in Tampa, Florida and remained there until 1992. She is the youngest child in her family. There is a gap between her and her siblings and they have always viewed her as the baby of the family and treat her as such even to this day. Her parents worked all the time when she was a child, therefore, her oldest sister, Pauline took care of her and took her to lots of different places. One of Pam's most treasured memories is one of and her sister riding the train at Lowry Park Zoo. By the time Pam was eight years old, Pauline had already been in the military and had gotten married. Her other siblings, Penny and Paul, moved out by the time she was ten.

Growing up, Pam's family always had lots of dogs and they became her playmates. She was never allowed to go out and play with other kids in the neighborhood, so most times she stayed in the yard with her dogs. Her favorite was a german shepherd, Kimba, named after the cartoon "Kimba the White Lion." Kimba remained in the family over 12 years. Pam's Mother was always very protective of her and that is why she was never allowed to leave the yard. Pam had always wanted to join girl scouts, however, her mother would not let her join because she was afraid Pam would be kidnapped from camping trips. Pam finds this logic to be very strange, because she can remember lots of times at the age of eight being left on her own for hours on end roaming the streets until her parents came home from work.

Pam went to a Catholic school, Most Holy Redeemer, from first to eighth grade. Her siblings before her attended this school and their Father worked there as well as a maintenance man. It was not fun because every time Pam got in trouble, the Nuns would be sure to tell her Father everything the very moment they saw him walking around the school. She then attended Adams Junior High School for ninth grade and then finished her high school years at Chamberlain High School. She was very shy growing up and very self-conscious. She had always had a weight problem and the boys in the Catholic school were very mean and made fun of her on a daily basis.

After her very sheltered existence in Catholic school, Pam ventured into the public school system. It was very different than a parochial school, however, she was free from the horrible uniforms they were forced to wear. She found the public school system to be much easier and made better grades, getting the honor roll most every time. She was always very quiet though and kept to herself. She hated labels and refused to be part of any clique, therefore, she seemed to hang around kids that were considered outcasts at school.


  • Attended a Catholic kindergarten, however it was optional in the early 70's and consisted mainly of playing.
  • Attended another Catholic school for the next eight years, Most Holy Redeemer, Tampa, Florida.
  • Ninth grade was at Adams Junior High School, Tampa, Florida.
  • Attended high school at Chamberlain High School, Tampa, Florida, and graduated June of 1983.
  • In 1988, started evening classes at Hillsborough Community College, Brandon, Florida. She chose general studies as her major and only took one class a semester.
  • Also attended community college at Tallahassee Community College, Tallahassee, FL. She changed her studies to computer programming.
  • Stopped her studies in 2000 and lacks anywhere from 20 to 30 credits, depending on her major, from receiving her AA.


  • In 1983 while Pam was a Senior in high school, she was in a program called Cooperative Business Education. She attended school the first part of the day, and worked as a Secretary for an engineering firm called Sprinkle Consulting Engineers, Inc. the second part of the day. She remained with them until 1985.
  • January 1986 to January 1995 - worked at NCNB National Bank, which turned into NationsBank and then turned into Bank of America. She started as a Secretary in the Operations section of the bank. In 1989, she transferred to the Trust Department and became a Trust Associate.
  • February 1995 to September 1997 - worked at Peek Traffic Transyt. She was first hired as an Accounts Payable Clerk and then transferred to the Stockroom in a supervisory position.
  • September 1997 to April 2000 - worked at Watts Mechanical, Inc. as a full fledged Bookkeeper.
  • July 2005 to Present - works as an Independent Contractor for various work-at-home companies, such as LiveOps, West, Arise and ACD Direct. She has answered inbound customer service calls for Office Depot, Teleflora, 1800Flowers, Pizza Hut and for informercials you see on television.


  • 1965 to 1992 - Tampa, Florida
  • 1992 to 1993 - Mauldin, South Carolina
  • 1993 to 2000 - Tallahassee, Florida
  • 2000 to 2007 - Jacksonville, Florida
  • 2007 to Present - Orange Park, Florida


Pam went on a blind date in March of 1991 with Michael C. Smith and by April 25, 1991 she married him and became Pam Smith. After a month of marriage she realized her mistake but decided to make the best of it. Mike was a tow truck driver and a very rough looking person. They were having some financial troubles and decided to move to South Carolina in 1992 to make a fresh start.

Mike was born and raised there and returned to be near his family. Pam transferred her bank position up to Greenville, South Carolina and they resided in Mauldin. After Pam found out about several indiscretions by her husband, she left him in February of 1993. She moved into an apartment in Easley, South Carolina. Her old boss from the Trust Department from Tampa, Florida called her one day and asked if she would be interested in moving to Tallahassee, Florida because they were opening up offices there. She agreed and moved to Tallahassee July of 1993.

After lots of failed relationships between 1993 and 2000, Pam placed a personal ad in the paper talking down about men and how she was just looking to use men because they all seemed to not be very serious about anything else. She received 100 replies to this ad. One in particular, Patrick T. Thomas caught her eye and she began talking to him through email. He had actually replied seeing if the ad was a joke or if someone else had placed the ad for her as a joke. The conversations quickly progressed to instant messages and then to the phone. They agreed to meet and when Pam opened the door to greet Pat, their eyes locked and they had each other at hello. They both found each other's soul mate! She married Pat on March 2, 2001 at Nicholson's Farmhouse in Tallahassee, Florida.

Pam has one bio-child with her husband Pat and her name is Erica Ruth and she was born on June 5, 2001. Pat has several children from previous marriages. Pat has been married three times before and had four children with his second wife. Samantha Christine born in 1995, Amanda Leann born in 1997, Brandon Richard born in 1998 and Jeremy Hunter born in 2000. Pat also has another child from a former girlfriend named Aislyn born in 1995.

In the beginning of Pam and Pat's relationship, the only children living with them were Samantha and Amanda. A month after Erica was born, Brandon came to live with them permanently. After Pat's last deployment, Amanda went to live with her bio-mother. It was only supposed to be temporary, but appears to be permanent, especially now since they moved to New Jersey.

Pam and Pat bought their very first house in Orange Park, Florida on October 10, 2007.




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