Commissioning Plaque What we're all about...

The USS Khai Tam (pronounced "kie tom") has been Tallahassee, Florida's chapter of the International Star Trek Fan Association, STARFLEET, for nearly 10 years.  The ship, which is a not-for-profit social and civic organization, works to promote the growth of the ideas and ideals presented in the Star Trek Universe, in the real world.

But that's not all.  We believe that Star Trek & sci-fi fandom should be just as fun and rewarding for our members as possible.  And that hasn't been too tough.  When this many kindred spirits come together in one place, there always seems to be something we're doing together; whether it's sci-fi themed or not!

So if you're already a member, welcome to your home on the internet.  But if you're a visitor interested the Khai Tam or just fandom in general, we invite you to stay and explore all our site has to offer.