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  Welcome to REDdimension.  What started in the early nineties as a hobby and exploration of available internet technologies has since evolved into a part-time job with a handful of satisfied, longtime customers.

  I've been a professional graphic artist for over fifteen years, and have been building online presences for businesses, individuals and organizations for over twelve years.  If you have a moment to browse some of the REDdimension-built and -maintained sites on the right side of your screen, you'll see that I pay close attention to detail and take pride in work for all of my customers.

  If you've thought about getting a site of your own or felt that your existing site is in need of a makeover, but been discouraged by the outrageously expensive and impersonal big companies who crank out sites with an electronic cookie cutter, then REDdimension may be just what you've been looking for.  If you'd like to talk about your new website, drop me an email.

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